10 Foods to Help You Feel More Energized

Human bodies are subject to fatigue if subjected to intense workout or busy work schedules. Weather is another factor that burns lots of calories necessitating food that will rejuvenate the energy. To stay energises and eat healthy is a challenge with most people opting for junk foods as they are readily available. Here are the best healthy foods to help you stay energised all day.

Brown rice

This rice is rich in manganese, a mineral that helps the body produce energy from carbohydrate and protein. This dish can be served along with lean proteins during lunch or dinner.

Sweet potato

This food is rich in carbohydrates which are the energy giving food. Sweet potatoes are also loaded with vitamin C and vitamin A which helps to fight off fatigue. You could serve them mashed or cut into strips .it the best alternative for French fries.


A spoonful of honey has the same energy content compared with energy drinks. This natural sweetener acts as fuel to the muscle as one exercise. You could add it to anything e.g. yoghurt during breakfast.


Bananas are made mainly of sugars (sucrose, glucose and fructose) and fibres. This makes them foolproof energy food. Top the banana with peanut or butter in a well-rounded snack. They are best for breakfast and energy booster in lunch meals.


Not only will an apple keep you healthy, but also give you a jolt of energy. The fruit is rich in fibre meaning it will take more time to digest hence more lasting energy.


This fruit is rich is folate, vitamin C and potassium which are the component for a quick rush of sugar once get after feeding. Peel and eat the orange to benefit from the fibre and pectin in the fruit membranes.


The vegetable is a perfect source or iron, a key component in body energy production. Eat spinach salad for lunch, and you will evade the afternoon energy slump.


Beans are rich in both carbs and protein. The food is suitable for both vegetarians and carnivores. Toss a cup into a spinach means or take it as a bean burrito.


The food is packed with manganese, riboflavin, protein and copper. This makes them a handy snack to keep in your bag or desk. Both manganese and copper are essential in keeping the energy flowing through one’s body and also neutralising toxins within the cells. Riboflavin helps in oxygen-based energy production.


Of late, this food has been receiving lots of hype due to its rich omega-3 content. This component helps to lower body cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart diseases. The fish do also contain vitamin B6, protein and niacin which contributes to the conversion of food taken in into energy. Salmon is best taken with spinach, served with rice.

Other foods to boost your energy include yoghurt and eggs. Check the recipe that includes such food as the main ingredient and prepare the dish you like.