very tired business woman fell asleep leaning on her hand

8 Secrets For All-Day Energy

We have all been there; looming between family obligations, work deadlines, staying on top of the bills, housework, kids, etc. and you simply get burned out. However, there are small steps you could take to energise.

Go off the grid

Electronic devices such the mood and energy out of you if used for a long time. When you get off from work, leave the bag on the doors otherwise, the emails and calls will take over your life. If possible take a walk in a park, bond with nature and your energy will come back rushing.

Kick the morning blues

Most of us start the morning poorly. The best we can do is get out of bed and stand in the shower for a while hoping it the water will wash the moods away. For such mornings you need to adopt some techniques to boost your energy levels.

If you are a coffee lover, set the alarm on your brewer to make coffee before you are up. As you enjoy the cup, try listening to some relaxing music some stretching and open the window to let the light inside.

Energise yourself

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. What you take will set the pace and the mood for the day. Try some vegetables and fruit for breakfast. Snacks with high protein during the day are energy boosters.


Coffee is a stimulant. If you feel your brain is shutting down take ten minutes and sip a strong cup of coffee as you stare outside your office.

Avoid too much sugary food

Sugar foods are energy giving food, right. However, most of this food are filled with unnecessary calories that will add weight to your body and make you feel fatigued.


We say that music is the medicine for the soul. When you feel drained, take time off to listen to your favourite music. Ensure they are not noisy. Smooth music works great in energy rejuvenation.


How do you start your morning? What do you do immediately after lunch? This two phases of the day are pace setter of the rest of the day. Meditation works wonders to the soul. You reflect your achievement during that period giving you an inner peace that helps one to keep going.

Take power naps

Power naps are advised to those who have involving jobs. 30 minutes of sleep, more so after lunch will bring back the lost energy helping you to remain production the entire day.

Morning runs

Physical exercise produces feel-good hormones helping people to start their day on a high note. It does not have to be intense. Take a run in the neighbourhood as you listen to your favourite music.


How often do you see a masseuse? When your body becomes tense, you feel fatigued. With a good massage, your nerve system will bounce back to optimal functional helping you to feel energised and alert.

As you do the above, it is paramount that you surround yourself with positive people. Hanging out with lazy work colleagues will make you lazy too.